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The adventure travel industry is growing at 10% per year. As demand increases for travel to some of the more remote corners of the globe - so do the risks. At Global Liaison UK we specialise in assisting clients who want to venture off the beaten-track but who want to do so as safely as possible. We provide luxury services for adventure travellers that are designed to minimise the hassle and the risk of travelling in some the world’s most beautiful yet remote locations. Our travel services include:


  • Destination risk assessment.
  • Airport assistance.
  • Information security.
  • Meet and greet.
  • Hotel security assessment.
  • Local (in-country) travel arrangements.
  • Escort/Chaperone.



We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us at: or by telephone on: +44 7587 343033 or use our contact form.

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