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Risk Management and Risk Monitoring

Global Liaison UK provides both Risk Management and Risk Monitoring services. We help clients to understand risks which may exist in particular countries or localities and we help to identify the necessary levels of protection to successfully mitigate those risks. Global Liaison UK achieves this by deploying analysts to your specified overseas locations to give you the most up-to-date first hand knowledge of the local situation.


The team brings together experts in counter-terrorism, physical security and risk analysis to conduct detailed assessments of the effectiveness of your physical attack mitigation, the level of protection provided by your physical infrastructure, your modus operandi and your response measures. For clients needing to review existing security provisions either following a change in threat or as part of a planned audit, Global Liaison UK can provide a full assessment of procedural, physical and profile security measures.  We can also recommend mitgation measures to meet specific vulnerabilities identified during the audit.


"Global Liaison UK identifies the gaps so that you can mitigate the risk."



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