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Liaison is an area in which we excel. Despite the continuous advances in information technology and ‘remote working’ it is still proving more important than ever for people to get together to develop ideas, gain greater understanding of one another’s needs and to see first-hand how their projects and operations are progressing. At Global Liaison UK we thrive on our ability to be able to bring people together often in remote and challenging environments. We help our clients to identify the issues and implement appropriate solutions. Our consultants are continually updating and expanding networks of contacts and facilitators across the globe further enhancing our ability to tackle a broad range of missions in some of the more difficult, fluctuating scenarios. Whether it be liaison to tackle an unfolding refugee crisis or liaison to improve business potential overseas - we can help. 


At Global Liaison UK we have a number of consultants who are experts in the field of Hostage and Crisis Negotiation. We are well placed to provide a bespoke liaison service for clients who require support, advice and assistance in this challenging area.


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